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Custom Branded Gazebo’s

iShade Gazebos

About iShade Gazebos

Our premium branded gazebo is second-to-none when it comes to design, quality and usability.

  • The expandable / collapsible frame is made from high-quality aluminium or steel and has no loose attachments
  • For events and promotions, portable branded gazebos are the most effective form of exposure.
  • Concertina-style branded gazebos are commonly used as they are so simple to erect.
  • The set-up time is a couple of minutes.

The Custom Branded Gazebo is available with or without side walls and comes in various sizes to suit your Gazebo Frame.

It is waterproof and provides exceptional protection from the elements.

When not in use, the portable branded gazebo is stored and transported compactly.


  • Outdoor and indoor promotions
  • Informal trading
  • Information stand
  • Trade Shows
  • Sports Events
  • Flea Markets

Gazebo Sizes available

  • 2m x 2m Steel gazebo Frame
  • 3m x 3m Steel gazebo frame
  • 3m x 3m Aluminium Gazebo Frame
  • 3m x 4.5m Aluminium Gazebo Frame
  • 3m x 6m Aluminium Gazebo Frame

All our Gazebos are supplied with Gazebo Cover and Gazebo tool Kit.

Branded gazebo walls can be printed for privacy and added branding areas.

Gazebo Wall Sizes available

         Half wall                Full wall

  • 2m x .9m               2m x 2m
  • 3m x .9m               3m x 2m
  • 4.5m x .9m           4.5m x 2m
  • 6m x .9m               6m x 2m

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